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Myanmar Makro

Highway Complex
Job Type: Other

Job Description

Boss Fight Entertainment is seeking a skilled Animator to help breathe life into some of the mobile industry’s most lovable characters. Do you enjoy building and animating characters?  Do you judge the placement of every joint and worry about the value of every skin weight?  Are you adept at anticipation and skillful at squash and stretch?  If so we'd love to hear from you! 


The animator will translate game concepts into fully realized games, rapidly generate conceptual ideas, and create 2d and 3d assets, effects and animations. The ideal candidate works well in an environment of peers who are passionate about making great games.


Essential Functions/Responsibilities

Animate humanoid and non-humanoid characters and creatures, props, vehicles and other non-Character assets, both realistic and cartoony

Work closely with Modelers to determine model suitability for rigging

Troubleshoot and iterate on rigs during production in a timely manner

Develop and maintain high quality skeletal and facial rigs for a variety of characters and creatures, both realistic and cartoony

Develop and maintain high quality rigs for props, vehicles, and other non-character assets

Create high-quality character animations of main characters and NPCs for mobile games

Work directly with the Lead Animator and the Art Lead to define direction, methods and approaches as well as collaborate with Technical Artists to define and improve our animation pipelines

Attend reviews with IP owners and incorporate all feedback into character animations