Mission statement

Our mission is to manufacture and distribute good quality, convenient, nutritious foods through intensive as well as comprehensive research, analysis and responds to the needs & wants of the customers giving the fullest mutual benefits to all the people involved.

Company Profile

Myanmar Makro Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. The concept is to consolidate technical and marketing expertise with the rich of natural resources to supply food products domestically and internationally.

The factory is strategically located in the Industrial Zone, inside Yangon City with the closest distance to the fish-landing piers and the Yangon Harbor for export and import. The main privilege is also due to abundands of raw material available here which are supplied by the Yangon itself as well as by several parts of the country. It makes ensuring the fresh and continuous supply of high quality raw material.

Myanmar Makro Canning Factory is the first ever factory in Myanmar who packs international standard quality canned food products. The factory system was upgraded by the expertise of the world-class food factories from overseas. A group of food specialists from them stayed with us for more than two years and gave us intensive training and setting system.

Therefore, it is no more special secret why our products are so well favorite by the consumers. The good system leads how to pay genuine attention to every single stage of production starting with the selection of raw material that meets the company-exacting standard. Every single process is carried out by the skillful-workers by using the most appropriate machinery and equipment to ensure the speed, the hygiene and the maintenance of the food nutritional value. In addition, the member of the quality control staffs are responsible for ensuring that all products leaving the factory meet the international standard called HACCP and as well as HALAL symbol for Muslim consumers.