MYANMAR MAKRO INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was established in 1997. The concept is to consolidate technical and marketing expertise with the rich of natural resources to supply food products domestically and internationally. The factory is strategically located in the Industrial Zone, inside Yangon City with the closest distance to the fish-landing piers and the Yangon Harbor for export and import. The main privilege is also due to abundands of raw material available here which are supplied by the Yangon itself as well as by several parts of the country. It makes ensuring the fresh and continuous supply of high quality raw material.

Let us produce real food products

We are only offering products that are looking for and using only quality raw materials.

A combination of modern technology and heart

Our heart warming food combined with state of the art technology makes every family meal a delight

From clean production to a healthy society

From the production to the export, we take part in taking care of the health of our consumers.

From research principles to a progressive world

As a support for humans and the world, we are constantly researching and testing principles to find and identify healthy food products.